We pay CA$H for your trees!
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palm tree

Have a beautiful tree which is too close to your
house or too tall and becoming dangerous?

         We will pay CA$H for it and professionally remove it from your property. We purchase all types of trees including coconuts, royal palms, Canary Island palms, date palms, Sylvestris palms, etc.. Give us a call at: (561) 248-8811 and let us know what you would like to sell us.


If you would rather not have your tree professionally removed and paid for by Classic Nursery, you may list a picture of your tree on our web site in order to attempt to sell the tree directly to the public.

 You can then decide whether you wish to have Classic Nursery do the removal and installation for you.

         Posting your tree picture on our site will enable you to receive emails from potential buyers directly with bid offers. If time is of essense, we strongly recommend that you contact Classic Nursery and have us give you a price on your tree first.


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